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We at Alpha-Protein are a Bruchsal-based start-up with an international background. With our innovation, we are revolutionizing the feed and food industry by implementing the cost-efficient production of mealworms as a sustainable source of protein on a large industrial scale. To this end, we are setting up our own production facility and offering production licenses for other locations in parallel.

With our core innovation, the supply portal, we have been able to develop a completely new and holistic production method that combines sustainability and cost-effectiveness and enables industrial scalability. In addition, its modularity enables it to incorporate further functions and technical developments over time.



Alpha-Grow sustainable universal fertilizer made from insect faeces/feces

Activate your plants! Our high-quality natural fertilizer activates every plant.

Alpha-Grow is a particularly sustainable and nutrient-rich universal fertilizer that naturally activates the plant's immune system. It is also an excellent soil conditioner and ideal for any fruit, vegetable, houseplant or flowering plant.

What makes our fertilizer unique?

  • 100% organic, natural and sustainable
  • Optimum long-term effect
  • Promotion of plant growth & immune system
  • Over-fertilization almost impossible
  • No leaching of nutrients




Alpha-Protein GmbH

Alpha-Protein GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2-6
Gebäude 5137c
76646 Bruchsal

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