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Should go easy for you….just call for CCI

CCI Transport is an independent and very flexible logistic organisation, still family-owned.

We offer you all-in solutions for your specific problems, no matter which.

With our contracted partners worldwide we are in the position to serve you fast and safe transports door-door for goods of all kind to reasonable prices.

Globalisation, worldwide networks in production lines and E-Commerce forces every one of us to drastically reorganize the production and distribution systems.

Logistic experts and freight forwarders become more and more a centre partner between the market, the dealers and the ultimate customers.

The experienced team of CCI Transport is capable to offer you full services to your logistic requirements.

Call on us. We wouldn’t disappoint you, sure.

Airfreight and Ocean freight


Waste transports

In short what we are and what we offer:

•  We are a certified company for waste of all kind

•  Certificates for collecting and carrying, partly with additional transport licenses 
   for specific countries

•  Certificates for trading and brokerage for waste according to EAK/EWC

•  We care for notification in international waste transports

•  We offer own containers for rent; please ask

•  We work strictly after the (EC/EG) 1013/2006

•  Optimized planning and physical handling of waste and dangerous transports

•  Documentation with our high sophisticated IT

•  Monitoring of our transport confirmations to you

•  Punctuality – shortest possible loading- and unloading time

•  Automatically control of the allowed data, i.e. weight-/volume- and timeframe

•  Possibility to connect to your own IT data

•  Best trained staff members with actual licenses for waste and/or dangerous goods

•  DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certified – for your assurance

•  Insurance policy as requested

•  All certificates are available for download from our site

Projekt transports

Logistics and Transport should go easy for you.

•  You concentrate on the products you sold to your customers

•  We care for the right logistics required by every single customer

As an independent freight forwarding company, CCI Transport offers you an all-in service to your needs and the needs of your final customer. This includes:

•  Choosing the best and economical mode of transport

•  Packaging to international standards

•  Loading our trucks which are well equipped for specific cargo

•  Well trained and friendly drivers

•  Documentation made with our modern IT

•  Customs and Security formalities

•  Truck transport, Ocean transport, Air transport – whatever the needs are

•  Unloading and customs clearance at destination

•  On-the-spot-delivery to final destination – to your customer

Always remember:

•  CCI Transport is licensed for all kind of national and international cargo which includes 
   waste and/or dangerous goods

•  We have no hydrocephaly or a big head

•  Consequently we can quickly concentrate on your specific problem

•  CCI nominates just one staff member for your project from the beginning to the end 
   of your transport. You must not look for help under many employees in our organisation.

Finally Y O U are the winner when working with CCI Transport!!!

Y O U and your customers benefits from our professional and economical job.

Logistic Outsourcing

It gets very important to optimize logistic processes every day

Why do you bother for logistic ways?

YOU should just concentrate on your product for your customer – this is YOUR specialty.

CCI has the experienced logistic people to care for your valued product and to bring it to your customer just in time – this is OUR specialty.

Just give us a call to set an appointment for a first meeting with you.

Ask for our experience and suggestions to meet your requirements.


For the discretion to our valued customers we do not publish their names.

In a personal meeting with you, however, we will be only too pleased to show you ways how we work in comparable situations to you.


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CCI Transport GmbH & Co. KG

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