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ecocircle concept is an environmental science consultancy for ecological product design. With us, designers and manufacturers come together.

Starting with the design of the product, the manufacturing processes and the supply chain, we find ecological optimization opportunities with you. Whether product design, material efficiency, best available technology or resource efficiency: together we find the best approaches for your company.

Using life cycle assessments or screening LCA, scientific studies, years of expertise or our extensive network of specialists, we quantify the ecological improvements.



You want resource efficiency and product optimization: but at your pace, and if and when and as extensively as suits you?

We fill the gap between external project assignment and inflexible anchoring of the topic in the company. We provide you with our expertise in a monthly contingent, research for you or train your employees in sustainability topics as an accompanying coach. In the case of material or resource efficiency issues, we create screening LCAs for you so that you immediately have all the facts you need to make quick decisions. In this way, you are in a flexible position to make secure decisions at any time - even without long project runtimes.

Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessments or screening LCAs can be used to quantify the environmental impact of products or of optimization measures in the manufacturing process or supply chain.

Furthermore, LCAs are often the basis for environmental data or environmental certificates (e.g. Environmental Product Declarations).

We offer all services around life cycle assessment and eco-efficiency calculations.

Ecological product design

You want to design your product ecologically?

Our network includes eco-designers, material experts and recyclers, scientists and universities, online platforms for sustainable products and advertising agencies specialized in "green products".

We at ecocircle concept contribute the ecological evaluation and expertise of the respective design concepts. That's how it gets done!



ecocircle concept

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