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For many years, numerous customers have relied on our experience to solve their energy and planning tasks. In our activities, the focus is always on customer benefit. In doing so, we make our entire know-how available to our customers. Our customers include:

  • Industrial and commercial companies
  • Public clients
  • Utility companies

Especially in the environment of markets characterized by liberalization and constant change, we are a reliable partner as an intellectually and materially independent company without any supply interest. We adapt to new challenges at an early stage and continuously expand our range of services.


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Eproplan GmbH is an engineering company independent of supplier interests and material, which provides integrated consulting and planning services in the following areas:

  • Energy management

  • Energy and environmental engineering

  • Electrical and control engineering

  • Technical building equipment

We provide holistic planning and consulting services. The results are solutions from a single source. In the case of partial services, we think outside the box and master the interfaces. Our core competencies are:

Energy centers

Combined heat and power plants, CHP plants, heating plants, biomass, substitute fuel, residual fuel combustion, refrigeration and compressed air centers.

Media supply

Steam, hot water, drinking water, fire-fighting water, wastewater, cooling water, electrical energy, communications, control technology.

Electrical engineering and process automation

for combined heat and power plants, energy centers, sewage treatment plants, industrial and commercial buildings, public works and others.

Technical building equipment

Heating, air conditioning/ventilation, refrigeration, plumbing, fire extinguishing technology, electrical/information/communication/security technology, building automation.

Energy management

Energy procurement, energy consulting, energy/energy saving concepts, introduction of energy management systems (ISO 50001), energy audits (DIN 16247), contracting, CO2 emissions trading, energy efficiency networks

Our services are:

  • Concepts, studies and expert opinions

  • Basic evaluation and preliminary planning

  • Design planning

  • Approval planning

  • Implementation planning

  • Preparation and participation in awarding contracts

  • Construction supervision and object support

  • Documentation and operating manuals

  • Energy management and energy procurement

  • Project development and consulting

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Eproplan GmbH Beratende Ingenieure

Eproplan GmbH Beratende Ingenieure
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