karuun® stripe

karuun® stripe product

With innovative surfaces, karuun® stripe sets the highest aesthetic standards and offers endless freedom in processing.

The natural linear grain is enhanced by individual coloring. This not only emphasizes the aesthetic homogeneity of the material, but also helps to avoid visible transitions, as is the case with veneer.
karuun® stripe stands for outstanding material properties at an astonishingly low weight. It is laminated with a thin cellulose fleece and impresses with unprecedented formability as well as tear resistance in many areas of application.
Unique properties such as translucency and backlighting make karuun® stripe the pioneer of natural alternatives to artificial surfaces. Especially in the automotive and transportation sector, the Nature Tech material is used for high-quality series.

karuun® 3D

karuun® 3D product

Robust fibers transform into performant three-dimensional objects - predestined to replace man-made composites such as fiberglass.

The precise longitudinal fiber and capillary alignment combined with a robust, waterproof 3D cellulose nonwoven enables unprecedented three-dimensional formability. The organic dynamics of the material make it possible to create individual shapes by squeezing, pulling and stretching. This not only reduces weight, but also makes the material a suitable alternative to plastic in construction or technical veneers.
This makes karuun® 3D particularly suitable for use in the field of Green Mobility and Replace Plastic.

karuun® shine

karuun® shine product

Amazingly light and yet of outstanding hardness, fine feel and high formability, without losing air and light transmission.

karuun® shine is created from the face saw cut from karuun® block. Due to the hollow capillary of rattan, a naturally perforated surface with a discreet tiling pattern is created, which is translucent and even slightly malleable. Depending on the thickness, the material appears different in thickness and translucency from different viewing angles. In addition, individual pixel-like surfaces can be designed by arranging the edgings.
karuun® shine is a functional natural material suitable for a wide range of new applications, from customized sound insulation and avant-garde lighting design to innovative surfaces for walls and floors.

Nature Tech Service

Nature Tech Service

Developments in harmony with nature. We walk this path together.
For this purpose, we accompany you in all project phases to ensure an optimal implementation of your project with our Nature Tech material karuun®.

It is particularly important to us that our Nature Tech material meets the individual and current requirements of your project in order to ensure an optimal solution for the specific area of application. Therefore we accompany you from the conception phase over the project realization up to after sales as a reliable partner.
Through our many years of experience in development with karuun®, we know the problems and have developed extensive know-how regarding its technical and economic requirements. We would like to share this knowledge and accompany you in developing future-oriented products and individual solutions with karuun®.

This includes:

Holistic consulting from the idea to the implementation (conception)

  • Development
  • Processing
  • Material

Customized support and implementation (realization)

  • Product training
  • Trade show support
  • Workshop

Partnership support around care and maintenance (after sales)

  • Complaint support
  • Product optimization (follow-up series)


Museum of the Future Dubai

Museum of the Future Dubai Interior

The Museum of the Future is regarded as the global center and testing ground for the future challenges and opportunities facing humanity. In contrast to classic museum concepts, visions, concepts and innovations are staged there to benefit a better world of tomorrow. An ideal field of application for the bioeconomic material of the future karuun® - especially on Level 4, where the "Heal Institute" was lined with around 600 square meters of the Nature Tech material: Here, the challenges facing the sensitive ecosystems of the rainforests are highlighted. And, if you like, karuun® is presented as a solution at the same time!

karuun® home spa

karuun® Home Spa Interior

The hotel "Ochsen" in our home in the Allgäu hosts guests from all over the world. And the first wellness area with karuun® interior.
The Allgäu - a place to come down. And refuel. In our home town of Kißlegg, you can do this in a particularly unique atmosphere. Because besides guests from all over the world, the hotel restaurant "Ochsen" hosts the karuun® Heimat Spa there. Along with its noble appearance, the technical properties of the Nature Tech material also come into their own here. They convinced Klafs, the world market leader for saunas, after karuun® was extensively tested there for the construction of the spa. The best way to find out how appealing relaxed silence can also be to the eye is in the relaxation area: The acoustic sails from Topakustik with micro-perforated karuun® stripe panels are really beautiful - and beautifully quiet.

E-car revolution from NIO

E-car revolution from NIO with karuun®

Sustainability as standard: Karuun® was installed in the interior of the new ET7, the flagship of electric car manufacturer NIO.
CEO and founder of the Chinese start-up William Li sees himself in direct competition with Elon Musk's Tesla. And keeps with the tradition of the still young electric car industry to shake up the automotive sector with smart ideas. The ET7 is the first production car to use karuun® as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic in the interior. In addition to the desired technical properties for automotive applications, the organic nature tech material made of rattan also offers unique social and ecological benefits: The raw material rattan requires the biodiversity of the rainforests in Indonesia. Here it is harvested manually without the use of machinery and processed on site into the Nature Tech material karuun® using a patented process.

Interactive surfaces made of karuun®

Interactive surfaces made of karuun®

With karuun® , Motherson has the ideal Nature Tech material to produce functional surfaces from organic raw materials.
New drive technologies are supposed to bring Green Mobility to the forefront. But how green is a car if the interior is mostly plastic? Motherson is looking into this question and found karuun® in its search for a plastic alternative for smart, interactive user interfaces.

Surfboard, reinvented

Surfboard from karuun®

With its wide range of applications, karuun® has already inspired numerous companies around the world to rethink the use of plastics. An established surfboard manufacturer has also set out for new shores with a prototype made of our Nature Tech material. karuun® has proven to be lightweight, durable and resistant - ideal for the high demands of a surfboard construction. The special material aesthetics as well as the technically extreme formability also enabled a special aesthetic as well as a unique design.

By the way: Rattan needs the biodiversity of the original rainforests to grow. Because rattan does not thrive in monocultures and cannot be harvested by machine. Thus, the demand for this natural product contributes to the preservation of the forests. The rattan for karuun® is cultivated on the Mentawais, among other places - a karuun® surfboard thus makes an important contribution to the preservation of one of the most popular surf spots and secures a long-term income for the island population with the traditional manual rattan harvest


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