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The company Axel Zangenberg produces the shortest wastewater flow measurements since 1996. It offers stationary and mobile flow measuring points for industry, chemical industry, wastewater treatment plants and municipalities. Functioning measurements make wastewater billing fairer. From a wastewater volume of 50m³/h, the investment in an Axel Zangenberg solution is worthwhile.

A variety of flow measurement methods are offered on the market. It is difficult to decide for yourself which measuring method is the right one. Flow conditions, operational requirements, wastewater composition and contamination influence the measurement result. In order to be able to guarantee an accurate measurement even under difficult conditions, every Axel Zangenberg solution is tested for measurement error limits by means of a real situation replica on the in-house test stand. The test bench is recognized as a testing device according to EKVO and SüwV-kom. The situation reconstruction on the test bench allows to dispense with the recommended calming sections of the measuring device manufacturers even in small structures.

Axel Zangenberg offers complete solutions from design to installation, taking into account the customer's individual on-site situation. Axel Zangenberg solutions include:

  • Peliqan for wastewater flow measurement in flumes and manholes for municipalities and industries
  • Alligator for the throttling and measurement of storm sewers and storage sewers
  • Anaconda for throttling of stormwater tanks in dry and wet installation
  • Abschlagsmessung for damming and discharge detection at stormwater overflows


Performance specification 1


Is a choke with flow measurement; Compact MiD controlled choke

Fields of application:

  • Stormwater basin and reservoir sewer management
  • Discharge throttling at stormwater tanks
  • Retrofittable flow restrictor - replaces mechanical restrictors
  • Stormwater flow control
  • Self-cleaning wastewater flow measurement
  • replaces culverted and unculverted flow measurements

Performance specification 2


Restrictor with flow measurement;
replaces mechanical throttles, for dry construction

Areas of application:

  • Rescues faulty culverted, unculverted and partially filled flow measurements
  • when dry construction is unavoidable
  • Stormwater basin and reservoir channel management
  • Inlet throttling at stormwater basins
  • Retrofit flow restriction - culverted, unculverted, and partially filled flow measurements
  • Stormwater flow restriction

Performance specification 3


Stationary, retrofittable flow measuring point

Fields of application:

    • Industrial wastewater billing measurement
    • Wastewater treatment plant influent and effluent measurement
    • Wastewater cost allocation in chemical parks
    • Waste water cost allocation in special purpose associations
    • Flow measurement in sewer systems



Axel Zangenberg GmbH Co. KG

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