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Bellmer is an international high-class technology supplier with two divisions: Paper Technology focused on paper & board machines and Separation Technology for water and sludge treatment.
Our family-owned company, founded 1842 in Germany,  is worldwide installing high-class equipment in more than 60 industries as well as in municipal sludge treatment plants. Qualification and motivation is the key to success: At any time, our experts support you on site with service, concepts, and equipment. We optimize your operation worldwide together with our international team. We are prepared to be your personal and flexible partner, your care-taker contributing to your corporate success with innovative solutions.

Separation Technology
In our business sector Separation Technology we focus on perfect separation of liquids and solids. Our products clean water, filter almost any liquid, press sludges to highest dryness or produce best quality food juices.


Separation Technology

Separation Technology

Bellmer Separation Technology offers various separation technology solutions to separate solids from liquids in an innovative way. It´s important for us to provide our customers with resource-efficient and energy efficient solutions - for example thickening and dewatering of sludge using the TurboDrain and the Winkle Press.

We provide a full range of products for many applications such as treatment of wastewater, process water or various sludge from different industries - municipal sector, drinking water preparation, recycling, Biogas or classic industry.

As one of the top global seller for belt presses, screw presses and thickener, Bellmer is proud to present more than 7.000 references of satisfied customers around the world.

TurboDrain - Belt Thickener


Being the market leader in the field of belt filter technology, the thickening process with the TurboDrain is an optimal solution. We constantly develop the belt thickener with the goal of saving natural resources.

During the thickening process with the TurboDrain less water, energy, and polymers are needed! Let’s support the facts with some numbers:

  • 10 % less energy due to an energy-saving motor with premium energy efficiency class IE 3 and a smaller spray pump.
  • 20 % less polymer due to our innovative nanotech belt and a flow-optimized inlet.
  • 30 % less water due to special shower tube and a reduction of spray water pressure.

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Winklepress - Belt Press


With over 50 years of experience in the field of belt presses, Bellmer consistently leads the mechanical sludge dewatering market. The WinklePress offers the lowest operational costs and best dry contents results. The Bellmer belt press is perfectly adapted to today’s needs and to changes in sludge composition. The optimized roller configuration achieves higher dry solids content. With the help of the single roller gradations, the pressing time within the machine is considerably extended. This is most beneficial when dealing with the sludge of low press stability and a high organic content. Minimum operating costs and highest efficiency-class motors guarantee lowest possible energy consumption. Cleaning and handling operations are easy thanks to large inspection opening.

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Reference TurboDrain - Belt Thickener


Since its market debut in 2010, 50 sewage treatment plants in Germany have been fitted with the Turbo Drain.

Since 1972 Bellmer has experiences in the process of dewatering and thickening of wastewater and sewage sludge. With this long-standing expertise today Bellmer is aware of the different conditions, typical issues and unique requirements of municipal sludge. Over the years Bellmer continuously developed and further improved their products for sewage treatments. Consequently, Bellmer offers a diverse and innovative product portfolio to the customers for satisfying results for their applications. Today, there exist about 3.500 references of the Bellmer products in the municipal industry worldwide. This number clearly underlines the important partnerships with our customers from municipal industry.

Reference WinklePress - Belt Press


Since its market debut in 2012, 15 sewage treatment plants e.g. in Fellbach, have been fitted with the WinklePress.

With over 50 years of experience in the field of belt presses, Bellmer consistently leads the mechanical sludge dewatering market.

Bellmer offers customized WinklePress designs, adapted to your specific sludge characteristics and particular applications. One solution to obtain optimal flexibility, more hydraulic load and a stable performance for unpredictable conditions, is the Bellmer Cascade: A combination of thickening and dewatering in one process step.
Test us now with our mobile unit! Afterwards, you decide which solution is the most efficient and economical for you. With the help of real test results, we determine optimal plant configuration as well as sludge volume tests.
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Reference Akupress - Screwpress


We are the leader in the field of screw presses for the dewatering of structured residues, fibrous stocks and sludge, and slurry. Here we build on the experiences gained from more than 700 AKUPRESS screw presses sold and delivered.

Ten different AKUPRESS lines with up to seven sizes guarantee an optimum selection of systems for each application, throughput rate and level of dry content.

Bellmer sets the benchmark where high-end dewatering systems are concerned. Our industry screw press AKUPRESS X, which carries the X-TRA DRY brand name, is designed for maximum levels of dry content. In addition to the individual components, we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment. This includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks.

Over the years we developed three different product lines:

  • AKUPRESS A: for coarse substances
  • AKUPRESS B: for sludge and slurry
  • AKUPRESS C: for fibrous materials


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