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Exiteck GmbH was founded in Kirchheim unter Teck in 2020 with the aim of developing innovative technologies and highly efficient solutions based on (V)UV radiation. This claim is supported by the background of both Exiteck founders from well-known UV technology companies. We invest our decades of experience in UV applications and disinfection in solutions for air and water treatment, disinfection and surface modification that meet the highest standards of performance, energy efficiency and ergonomics in a commercial environment.


Odor elimination in industrial exhaust air

Excimer reactor

Odor carriers are mostly organic substances that enter or are introduced into the exhaust air as a result of chemical or biological processes. Apart from the fact that process exhaust air sometimes smells bad, some substances contained in the exhaust air are also pathogenic. In order to keep the pollution caused by exhaust air containing harmful substances within acceptable limits, the "Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control", often abbreviated to TA Luft, were issued in Germany. It regulates the limit values for substances released into the air.

Excimer lamps with an emission wavelength of 172 nm are able to break down these organic substances. This is achieved by direct irradiation of the exhaust air with excimer lamps. This partially destroys the molecular chains directly photolytically or the odor molecules react with ozone, which is also obtained photolytically from the air, and are thus degraded.

The advantage of treatment with excimer lamps over other methods is that no new nitrogen oxides are produced during the irradiation process, as the energy of the radiation is not sufficient to break up the nitrogen molecules in the air.


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Exiteck GmbH

Exiteck GmbH
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