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We are the leading engineering office for energy consultations in the region - approvals also for architectural monuments and particularly worth preserving building fabric, SME, middle class and normal buildings.

Energy certificates - energetic building renovation - building supervision - energy saving concepts - subsidy consulting KfW - half-timbered buildings - renovation roadmap - renovation roadmap for non-residential buildings - on-site consulting BAFA - municipal consultations (approved BAFA consultant for municipalities)

The company Harry Kaucher was founded in 1981. After graduating as a graduate engineer in energy technology with a focus on energy technology, solar technology and heating technology, we added planning and building physics activities as an engineering office. We are qualified and authorized to provide you with expert support for your renovation projects. By issuing the energy certificate and the renovation roadmap, you will also receive suggestions for improvement in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Likewise, we develop energy saving concepts for you and are active in the field of half-timbered buildings as well as for non-residential buildings, municipalities and medium-sized businesses, among others.

Since 2013, our company is organized as a limited liability company. Since 2019 Marcel Kaucher (jun.) has joined as managing director to ensure the continuation and expansion of the engineering office as an architecture and engineering firm.

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Service description

Energy performance certificates - Building supervision - Energy saving concepts - KfW subsidy consulting - Half-timbered buildings - Renovation roadmap -renovation roadmap for non-residential buildings - On-site consulting BAFA - Municipal consulting (approved BAFA consultant for municipalities) - Consulting efficient and modern heating technologies




Ingenieurbüro Kaucher GmbH Energieberatungen

Ingenieurbüro Kaucher GmbH Energieberatungen
Silcherstraße 22
75203 Königsbach-Stein

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