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Engineering office specializing in consulting services in the fields of process engineering, wastewater, water and sludge

Further development and application of technical processes for water and wastewater purification and sludge treatment as well as the provision of corresponding engineering services and all related activities.

Jedele and Partner GmbH


Service description 1

Detailed energy analysis in the sewage treatment plant
Conceptual consideration, energy optimization

Service description 2

VOF procedure: Construction of a new activated carbon stage for the removal of trace substances, integration of the treatment stage between NKB and filtration; net investment costs € 8 million

Service description 3

Mechanical-biological treatment with secondary precipitation and filtration, aerobic sludge stabilization, centrifuge dewatering
Basic evaluation and process engineering, planning, tendering, awarding and realization of the operational wastewater treatment plant
Operational support, operational optimization, test implementation
Expansion of wastewater treatment plant / sludge digestion / biogas utilization


Reference project 1

SchussenAktivplus project network - Reduction of micropollutants and germs through further treatment of wastewater treatment plant effluents and mixed water from rainwater overflow basins of various sizes to further improve the water quality of the Schussen tributary of Lake Constance - wastewater sub-sector -

Reference project 2

Implementation of a tender for the removal and thermal utilization of the mechanically dewatered sewage sludge produced at the Tuttlingen sewage treatment plant

Reference project 3

Detailed energy analysis at the Reutlingen-North sewage treatment plant
Conceptual consideration, energetic optimization


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