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Since its foundation over 80 years ago, JUDO has been the pioneer in the field of water treatment. As a globally active, owner-managed company, we are constantly offering new perspectives for the responsible use of water in domestic and building technology with innovative solutions. Among other things, we develop products and systems for the filtration, softening and desalination of drinking and process water. Our claim is to optimally treat water for every application. Whether as a food and beverage, heat transfer medium in heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology, process water or for swimming pool technology.


JUDO PROFIMAT-QUICK CONNECTION (time and differential pressure controlled)

in 1962, the world's first protective filter was introduced to the market - by JUDO. In the meantime, we have continued to improve the filtration of drinking water, in terms of functionality, quality and ease of use. The result is products that not only incorporate decades of experience, but also a great deal of future technology.

Filters remove dirt particles and prevent corrosion and damaged fittings. The so-called backwash protection filters make things particularly easy for you. Your filter element does not have to be laboriously replaced when it becomes dirty. Instead, it is simply cleaned by reversing the water flow with clean water. This saves time and, in the long run, a lot of money. This process is also a JUDO invention.

Filter cleaning, further developed: In the germ protection class protective filters, three jet nozzles carry out the backwashing. They work selectively with high pressure and thus achieve an unrivaled cleaning performance. At the same time, they clean the sight glass. The water supply is not interrupted during the rinsing process. Dirt is clearly visible in the strainer insert and can be optimally removed. Point rotation is an invention of ... you guessed it: JUDO.

JUDO i-soft plus

The PREMIUM-LINE softeners from JUDO are the only ones in the world that pamper the homeowner with WunschWasser: the perfect soft water for every situation, easily selectable via app.

The basis for this is the intelligent sensor and control technology. The i-guard sensor monitors the raw water quality and passes the data on to the i-matic. The control system adjusts the system settings fully automatically. Depending on the owner's wishes.


The power of gemstones in crystal clear water: In the devices of the JU-WEL product family, drinking water flows around selected gemstones that have been energized in a natural way. The characteristic energy of the stones is transferred to the water - it becomes jewelized. You can experience this power every day: as an invigorating drink, when showering, bathing, cooking ..


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JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH

JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH
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