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As experts for energy data, we also offer highly customized implementations for special requirements in addition to our standard product enerchart. In many areas, such as the digitization of customer and service processes or when a large number of objects/clients are involved, there is no optimal solution "off the shelf". Within the scope of projects, our qualified experts develop here the customized solution for your challenges. This can involve both extensive enhancements to enerchart and completely new project implementations.


enerchart - the universal high-end monitoring system

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Energy management is more than just software. Energy management means the step-by-step networking of your company with meters, sensors and other components for measuring, controlling and monitoring energy flows. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays an important role here: using current and future IoT technologies for energy management is a particularly efficient form of digitalization. This is precisely what enerchart was created for. The system is a high-performance energy specialist that fits perfectly into the process of your digitalization and even drives it.


Some refections for projects (without enerchart basis)

- An energy exit SaaS:

- KomEMS- Platform:



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