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Maschinenbau Lohse GmbH & MARTIN LOHSE GmbH- Quality and Flexibility

Valves and plant engineering and construction on highest level of production quality. Customized solutions make us stand out as a supplier to the paper, chemical and waste management industries.

From a manufacturing base of more than 10,000 square metres our highly experienced employees build with innovation and technical expertise machinery and plant.

Not only do new designs, engineered orders commissioned by customers and fans form our daily challenges but also repairs to other manufacturers’ equipment and providing on site labour.


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Process technology for various organic waste for the wet fermentation

By the Lohse wet treatment technology with the help of „pulper-systems“ and sieving, a pumpable and well fermentable suspension is obtained with very low content of impurities.

First, in the waste pulper, the organic waste is dissolved by strong agitation while the heavy materials are separated.

In the downstream sieving device is the careful separation of another impurities from suspension. The suspension thus obtained can be used in a following digesting system.

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Valves for different kind of industries as pulp- and paper, chemical and food industry, for waste  and sewage treatment, for water treatment.

MARTIN LOHSE GmbH is one of Germany’s most well-known manufacturers of knife gate valves. From the production of pulp vats, tanks and machine components it was a logical consequence in the early 1960s for Lohse to work on the problems involved with flow control technology for pulp stock. The evolution of the LOHSE knife gate valve, which took place in close cooperation with experts from the paper industry, began with cast valves, then progressed to stainless steel clad valves and culminated in state-of-the-art valves made of non-corrosive and acid-resistant stainless steel. The parallel development of reject valves designed especially for problematic areas in the recycling of paper have meanwhile become a standard product in paper recycling facilities. Today MARTIN LOHSE GmbH produces not only gate valves, regulating and reject valves, but also dirt traps.

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LOHSE Valves – Process optimisation of the highest quality

Innovative and unique control technology for maximum process reliability and optimal efficiency of your systems

The precise and reliable control of liquids and ultra-fine solid components (granules, powders, dusts) requires the extremely homogeneous interplay of drive elements, rotary dampers, slides, flaps, traps, valves and taps. 

The Heidenheim-based company MARTIN LOHSE GmbH, one of the world’s leading suppliers on the market for valves and fittings has once again developed an innovative and unique solution in the field of slide valves.

While in the past slide components were manufactured primarily as cast parts, resulting in the discharge of foreign particles and the risk of clogging, dehydration or hygiene deficiency, MARTIN LOHSE GmbH relies on the interplay of modern high-tech plastics. In combination with low-wear steel elements, which guarantee maximum process reliability (not susceptible to damage), durability despite high loads (low-maintenance) and therefore optimal economic efficiency (low life cycle costs), this gives you unique advantages for your systems and machines.

Leading international and national companies from sectors as diverse as waste disposal, chemicals, energy, paints, plaster, ceramics, sewage treatment, plastics, lacquers, foods, paper, pharmaceuticals, recycling, water treatment and cement, as well as truck, wagon and shipbuilding swear by the process reliability, dependability, durability and efficiency of products from MARTIN LOHSE GmbH. 

For decades well-known planning offices for industrial systems have placed their confidence in products from MARTIN LOHSE GmbH. Simply put: “Valve-Tech Made in Germany”!


reference project 1

Bio-Mechanical Wet Treatment Plant for biowaste

in Montello (Bergamo, Italy)



Lohse plant components:

  • pulping: 4 waste pulpers LMC26
  • sieving: 4 multisorters MS14
  • sand separation: 3 hydrocyclones 250T
  • dewatering: 4 dewatering presses LP07

technical data

  • capacity 165.000 t/a biological waste
  • biogas production 28.000.000 Nm³/a
  • capacity CHP 6 MW electric
  • assembly start February 2007
  • start-up December 2007

reference project 2

Bio-Mechanical Wet Treatment Plant for leftovers (small plant)

in Ischgl (Austria)





Lohse-plant components:

  • pulping: 1 waste pulper LMC4
  • sieving: 1 multisorter MS3


  • operator: wastewater association Oberpaznaun
  • owner: municipality of Ischgl
  • plant designer: Thöni

technical data

  • capacity: 1500 to/a leftovers from restaurants
  • biogas production: 850 Nm³/d = 300.000 Nm³/a
  • start-up: November 2000
  • usage residue of fermentation: combustion together with sewage sludge


reference project 3

Producing drinking water from air humidity with an innovative sorption process

Together with development partners from the industrial sector and the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) in Stuttgart, Maschinenbau Lohse is involved in the development of a self-sufficient mobile system for decentralised production of water from air

A joint cooperation with the project partners Maschinenbau Lohse GmbH, Michelberger Energietechnik GmbH, Melotec Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH and the Fraunhofer IGB resulted in a new method for obtaining water from air humidity by a combined absorption/ desorption process. The process combines absorption of air humidity through a high-concentration saline solution with desorption by means of vacuum evaporation technology. The goal of the project (EFRE-WaLu) subsidised by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the EU was to demonstrate the feasibility of a self-suffi cient mobile system for decentralised production of water from air. The demonstration system made it possible to implement, on the premises of Lohse Maschinenbau, the technology of obtaining water from air on an application-oriented scale and in a quality that meets industrial requirements. The system consists of three containers, which include the absorption and desorption modules, as well as all necessary auxiliary units, a brine tank and an energy storage system.



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