From our headquarters in Berg near Ravensburg, we advise, supply and provide support for our customers, who are to be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Luxembourg, Italy and Poland. Our software is also used in parts of Africa and South America whereas our programs have been used successfully by engineering offices, factories, local authorities and institutes of higher education for more
than 30 years. We currently serve more than 2000 customers.

As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, we supply complete software solutions for municipal drainage, water supply and the expansion of waterways. Our innovative products are always in line with the latest state of the art and enable our customers to implement their projects successfully.

In order to be able to plan and design as efficiently as possible, our team of construction engineers and information technology specialists support our customers with modern software which is matched to the special requirements of the water industry. We supply tried-and-tested software which complies with EU directives.


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Software für die Wasserwirtschaft




Rehm Software GmbH

Rehm Software GmbH
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88276 Berg

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